AFM - JEOL JSPM 5400 MkII Environmental Atomic Force Microscope


JEOL JSPM 5400 MkII is an environmental Scanning Probe Microscope which is configured for observation and nano-characterisation of inorganic and device materials. The JEOL JSPM 5400 MkII eAFM has a number of piezo-scanners and a range of atomic force imaging modes which may be operated in ambient and high vacuum conditions (~10-6 Pa) enabling control of environmental conditions (pressure and temperature) during imaging. Some examples of the imaging modes available include contact, intermittent contact and non-contact topography imaging. The eAFM 5400 is able to measure features up to ~10 µm in height, dependent on the choice of piezo-scanner.

For further information about the use of the Multimode please contact Yin Yao