New Users

cross section of multiphase sample

UNSW students and staff

In general, the EMU recommends that our users are trained to use the instruments themselves. This is because the person who is doing the research has the best understanding of the sample and the research question. After basic training is completed, we encourage our users to work with senior or more experienced members of their own groups to optimize their use of the instrument and to assist with their experimental design.

Please note that some instruments are regularly booked weeks in advance. This is particularly true in the second half of the year when many Honours/4th year students are finishing their projects. It is important that users plan ahead to ensure that they will be able to complete the work they need to do.


Users external to UNSW

In most cases, external users will have access to the same training and instrumentation as users from UNSW. The charges, however, may be different (see here). Please email with a brief description of your specimen and what you want to find out about it, so that you can be directed to the appropriate staff member.


Commercial enquiries

Please contact Dr Simon Hager or visit our Industry Solutions page.