How to Register

1. Contact the EMU.

  • Complete the Welcome to the EMU form. This will give us some information about your project and what you want to achieve.
  • Your project will be assigned to appropriate EMU staff and a new user meeting will be arranged to discuss your needs in detail and plan your training. The new user meeting must include your supervisor or a senior member of your research group.
  • If you are uncertain about whether electron microscopy is the correct approach for your project, please contact us directly:

2. Register online.

  • Click on sign in at the top right of the screen. Select New User - please apply here and then select Electron Microscope Unit. This will take you to an online registration form which will ask you to provide your contact details and some information about your project and the work that you want to do. 
  • Have your supervisor fill in the supervisor authorisation form (download from related documents).

3. Background reading.

  • Go to the Microscopy Australia MyScope website and read the module about the technique (or techniques) you plan to use. For example, if you plan to do SEM and AFM in your project you should read the SEM and AFM modules and complete the relevant quizzes.

4. Complete the EMU laboratory induction

  • Read the EMU basic induction document, watch the video and complete the quiz.
  • Send a screenshot of your MyUNSW record showing that you have completed the following training to the EMU lab manager.
    • HSEAWA Work health and safety awareness
    • HSELSO Laboratory safety awareness
    • HSEHSO Hazardous substances

5. Hand in your form.

  • Hand the completed Supervisor Authorisation form to the EMU Admin officer. The admin officer will take your photo. After 1 or 2 days you will receive an email from the EMU to confirm that your registration is complete.