How to Register

Instrument training will only be provided to registered users of the EMU facility. Once registered, you can request instrument training. Information on training is provided on the EMU Training page.

If you are uncertain whether electron microscopy is the correct approach for your project, please get in touch with us directly:



To register for the facility, please follow these steps:

  1. Register for the ACLS booking system
    • Click on sign in at the top right of the screen.
    • Select New User - please apply here and then select Electron Microscope Unit.
    • This will take you to an online registration form asking you to provide your contact details and information about your project and the work you want to do. 
  2. Have your supervisor fill out and sign the Supervisor Authorisation Form.
  3. Complete the following training modules in MyUNSW
    • HSEAWA Health and Safety Awareness
    • HSELSO Laboratory Safety Awareness
    • HSEHSO Hazardous Substances
  4. Complete the EMU laboratory induction
  5. Complete the EMU New User Registration form

Once you have completed your registration, you can apply for instrument training. See EMU Training for more details.