3i VIVO™ Microscope

3i VIVO™ Microscope
The 3i VIVO microscope is ideally suited for intravital imaging. Its large stable stage can easily accommodate sizable tissue samples along with clamps and manipulators to aid stabilization. Equipped with a spinning disk unit for high speed optical sectioning, paired with an image intensifier, this system can achieve very high frame rates making the most of every photon. Additionally, a pulsed 532nm ablation laser is available for targeted tissue damage.
Microscope body: Upright
Motorised Stage: No (Hydrolic)
Temp Control: Heating Bed
CO2: No
Software: Slidebook 6.0

Common Applications

Intravital Imaging: Intravital imaging is the observation of biological processes in living animals/tissue. It introduces new challenges such as achieving higher penetration depths, and dealing with sample mobility. Appreciating that how cells respond in tissue culture has often been shown to be largely different from their response in their true environment makes intravital imaging a crucial step in understanding biological systems.
Spinning Disk Confocal: Spinning disk uses the confocal pinhole principle to optically section fluorescently labelled samples by rejecting out of focus light, preventing it from reaching the detector. It is faster than conventional confocal imaging by scanning several points simultaneously, making it well suited for capturing highly dynamic processes in thick specimens.


Objective Lenses

20x 1.0 W Plan-Apochromat Water 1.8mm Dipping objective
63x 1.0 W Plan-Apochromat Water 2.1mm Dipping objective


Light Sources

Spinning Disk confocal
  • Imaging Lasers: 488nm, 561nm, 640nm
  • Ablation Laser:532
Widefield Fluorescence
Xenon Arc 300 Watt 340 - 700: Lambda DG4


Widefield Excitation Filters
BP 397 - 409
BP 480 - 500
BP 541 - 569
BP 625 - 645


Model Hamatatsu C9300-221 Photometrics QuantEM
Sensor Type Progressive interline CCD EM-CCD
Pixel Count 640 x 480 512 x 512
Pixel Size 7.4um x 7.4um 16um x 16um
Max Frame Rate (Binning)

[640 x 480] 150 FPS

[320 x 240] 274 FPS

[160 x 120] 461 FPS

[80 x 60] 694 FPS

[512 x 512] 31.5 FPS

[256 x 256] 58.6 FPS

[128 x 128] 104 FPS

[64 x 64] 150 FPS


Additionally, attached to the Spinning Disk Camera is an Image Intensifyer - VS4-1845 (VideoScope Internation, LTD). This assembly adds an amplifaction step of the signal making the system suitable for both low-light and high framerate imaging.