Agilent 1290 UPLC

Agilent 1290

Apart from mass spectrometry equipment, the BMSF also provides access to a number of pre-analytical sample preparation devices/equipment. One of these is the Agilent 1290 infinity UHPLC system.

The BMSF system is comprised of binary LC pumps, a peltier cooled autosampler, column compartment with heater, diode array detector, fluorescent detector, pH and conductivity meters and a fraction collector. Not all of these modules need to be used, and the instrument can be configured based on experimental requirements. The system can be used either as an HPLC or UHPLC.

The BMSF also has a few “generic” columns, but typically users purchase their own purpose-specific columns. Typical work performed on the Agilent 1290 includes: peptide mapping, fractionation of complex samples and collection of fractions, sample cleanup prior to mass spectrometry, and removal of high abundance plasma proteins.

Access to the system involves training by a qualified BMSF staff member, and thereafter users typically carry out their experiments independently.

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