Dr Anne Poljak

Protein Chemist

Facility: Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility
Category: General/Technical Staff


BSc(Hons)(Biochemistry), University of Sydney
PhD(Medical Sciences), UNSW Australia

Role & Interests

My research interests are focused on the mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s disease, particularly in assessing oxidative damage to proteins in Alzheimer’s brain and plasma. A proteomics based approach is currently being implemented, involving separation of proteins by 2D PAGE, detection of oxidised proteins (carbonyls and 3-nitrotyrosine) using a combination of immunoaffinity and chemiluminescence detection. Oxidised proteins will be characterised using a combination of mass spectrometric techniques, including MALDI-TOF, ECNI-GC/MS, LC/MS and MS/MS. Further interests include quantification of changes in expression levels of proteins and peptides in Alzheimer’s dementia and in normal aging, and how they relate to mechanisms of disease.


Rm 404A, L4 NW, Wallace Wurth Bldg (C27)


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