Registering a Project

Users need to apply for registration with the BMSF before being able to access equipment and services. Registered users are provided with access to the booking system and to other services such as training and learning resources provided by the BMSF. To access these resources the user must log in to the BMSF Booking System.

Access to instruments for a research project will require that project to be registered. Projects can be registered on-line within the BMSF Booking System or by completing a Project Registration Form.

Instrument hours are logged to projects and users. Fee-for-service samples may only require an analysis request form. Project registration usually involves meeting with analysts at the BMSF to discuss the project needs and arrange the resources and training. On-line project registration is usually performed at or soon after this meeting. To arrange a meeting with one or more BMSF analysts simply  email the Laboratory Coordinator or your preferred analyst.

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