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EMU Specimen Preparation Equipment

The EMU specimen preparation suite includes equipment designed for specimen preparation for microscopy, in addition to basic lab equipment. For training or access to any of these pieces of equipment, please speak to EMU staff.

Faxitron MX-20

The Faxitron MX-20 is a self contained bench-top x-ray cabinet which produces digital 2D radiographs in either png or jpg file formats. It has 5 magnification levels and laser guide for sample alignment.

FluoView FV1200

The FV1200 is a filter based upright confocal system. A workhorse of our confocal systems it is well equipped for standard fixed samples where high resolution and sensitivity are required for localization based studies. Additionally as one of the few upright confocal systems within the BMIF it provides a means for visualizing water submerged opaque samples.

IncuCyte FLR

The IncuCyte FLR is a widefield inverted live cell system engineered with long term high throughput imaging in mind. Housed inside a tissue culture incubator, the imaging module maintains the most stable imaging conditions possible, and also comes with a selection of versatile inserts allowing you to imagine your cells in a range of vessels.

Inveon MicroPET-CT

The Inveon μCT uses multiple axial x-rays of the animal to generate cross-sectional information or 3-dimensional reconstructions of the animal or parts of the animal. The μPET uses an LSO detector for fast scintillation decay time, high light output and effective atomic number.

IVIS Lumina and IVIS SpectrumCT

The IVIS Lumina provides a highly sensitive means to image fluorescent and/or bioluminescent reporters in vivo and in vitro. The IVIS SpectrumCT expands upon optical imaging capabilities as well as providing a microCT capability for anatomical referencing.