FIB - FEI Helios G4 PFIB

The ThermoFisher Helios G4 PFIB UXe DualBeam system incorporates a new generation of 2.5µA Xe plasma FIB ion column and ultrahigh resolution monochromator scanning electron column. It provides unique and fast ion milling capabilities with 50x higher throughput milling rate (compared to that in a Ga-based FIB), and rapid cross-sectioning of features up to 900 microns. It can deposit patterned conductors, e.g. C, W and Pt, and selectively etch semiconductor devices with delineation agent TFA. It equipped with an Easylift micromanipulator for in-situ lift-out process. It can achieve the reliable and repeatable long term 3D data acquisition with a unique 6” piezo stage. It is designed for high throughput, large volume processing, combined with extreme high resolution imaging in both 2D and 3D for advanced materials characterization.

This PFIB has also extended 3D analytical capabilities including EBSD and EDS. Oxford Aztec Symmetry EBSD system is an integrated EBSD data collection and analysis system based on a newly developed revolutionary CMOS detector with FSE imaging functions, providing ultra-high speed data acquisition at over 3000 indexed patterns per second (pps), which is up to 30x faster than the best existing CCD-based EBSD detectors. Oxford Ultim Max 170 SDD EDS system is the most sensitive system currently available for high speed elemental X-ray microanalysis. This large area SDD provides a very high collection efficiency benefitting speed, sensitivity and analytical spatial resolution. Simultaneous data collection can be used in Phase Identification where the X-ray data is used to identify candidate phases and the EBSD data used to distinguish the phases and also during mapping where both EBSD and full spectrum EDS data are acquired at the same time, enabling a true characterisation of the sample.

For further information, please contact Charlie Kong.