EasyGel And SmartClear II

Clearing Image

EasyGel is a system designed for speeding the process of producing tissue-gel-hybridization samples. The SmartClear II system is a commercial instrument that allow fast, easy and reliable tissue clearing of tissue-gel-hybridization samples. The system uses stochastic electrotransport technology to remove lipids from tissue-gel-hybridization samples, thereby producing optically transparent samples. Samples that have been optically cleared with the SmartClear II system can be imaged by a number of light microscopy techniques such as confocal and lightsheet. 


Common Applications



To date there are two main approaches to clearing tissue (aqueous based and solvent based). Aqueous based clearing is further classified into three main classes:

  1. Simple refractive index matching
  2. Removal of lipids plus hyperhydration/refractive index matching.
  3. Tissue-gel-hybridization plus refractive index matching.

The EasyGel and SmartClear II is a commercial system designed to assist in the tissue-gel-hybridization plus refractive index matching process. Samples that are produced under this method are known as CLARITY, PACTS, SWITCH etc. Tissue-gel-hybridization can be imaged using any light microscopy methods such as confocal, multiphoton and lightsheet.


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Tissue-gel-hybridization system (easy Clear)

Vacuum system – 0 to 70kPa

Temperature controlled – 20 to 50˚C, Individual slot temperature control

Shaking speed control 0-60 RPM

Holds 8 samples per run (50 ml Falcon tubes)


SmartClear II Standard system

Active clearing system uses stochastic electrotransport technology

Sample rotation speed – 0 to 10 RPM

Current or voltage control

Polarity direction change

Temperature controlled – 0 to 50˚C

Sample holders for tissue slices, different size of organs