Ms Sonia Bustamante


Analytical Chemist



BChem(Hons)(Analytical Chemistry), San Marcos National University, Peru
MChem(Food and Drug Analysis), UNSW Australia

Role & Interests

My work involves the characterisation and/or quantitation of small molecule metabolites in biological systems by GC-MS and LC-MS. Current projects/assays include: Isotope dilution GCMS; Analysis of catecholamines & Kynurenine Pathway metabolites; Nitrates and Nitrites; Glucose; Hormones; Acetylecholine and other quaternary ammonium biological amines; Vitamin D and metabolites. My interest is in targeted metabolomics and the development of quantitative methods. Other duties include training students and other users in the laboratory as well as instrumental techniques.


Conference Abstracts

Poljak A;Matayatsuk C;Bustamante S;Sachdev PS;Brodaty H, 2006, 'Quantification of O- and M-tyrosine levels in Alzheimer’s plasma proteins [Abstract Poster PO077]', in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, Dove Medical Press, Sydney, Vol. 2, pp. S148 - S148, presented at 6th International Neuropsychiatric Association Congress, Sydney, 10 - 14 September 2006

Conference Papers

Adams S;Teo C;McDonald KL;Zinger A;Bustamante S;Lim CK;Sundaram G;Braidy N;Brew BJ;Guillemin GJ, 2014, 'Involvement of the kynurenine pathway in human glioma pathophysiology', in PLoS ONE,
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Journal articles

Wasinger VC;Curnoe D;Bustamante S;Mendoza R;Shoocongdej R;Adler L;Baker A;Chintakanon K;Boel C;Tacon PS C, 2019, 'Analysis of the Preserved Amino Acid Bias in Peptide Profiles of Iron Age Teeth from a Tropical Environment Enable Sexing of Individuals Using Amelogenin MRM', Proteomics, vol. 19,
Bustamante S;Jayasena T;Richani D;Gilchrist RB;Wu LE;Sinclair DA;Sachdev PS;Braidy N, 2018, 'Quantifying the cellular NAD+ metabolome using a tandem liquid chromatography mass spectrometry approach', Metabolomics, vol. 14,
Aw WC;Towarnicki SG;Melvin RG;Youngson NA;Garvin MR;Hu Y;Nielsen S;Thomas T;Pickford R;Bustamante S;Vila-Sanjurjo A;Smyth GK;Ballard JW O, 2018, 'Genotype to phenotype: Diet-by-mitochondrial DNA haplotype interactions drive metabolic flexibility and organismal fitness', PLoS Genetics, vol. 14,
Papa I;Saliba D;Ponzoni M;Bustamante S;Canete PF;Gonzalez-Figueroa P;McNamara HA;Valvo S;Grimbaldeston M;Sweet RA;Vohra H;Cockburn IA;Meyer-Hermann M;Dustin ML;Doglioni C;Vinuesa CG, 2017, 'TFH-derived dopamine accelerates productive synapses in germinal centres', Nature, vol. 547, pp. 318 - 323,
Bustamante S;Gilchrist RB;Richani D, 2017, 'A sensitive method for the separation and quantification of low-level adenine nucleotides using porous graphitic carbon-based liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry', Journal of Chromatography B: Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences, vol. 1061-1062, pp. 445 - 451,
Lim CK;Bilgin A;Lovejoy DB;Tan V;Bustamante S;Taylor BV;Bessede A;Brew BJ;Guillemin GJ, 2017, 'Kynurenine pathway metabolomics predicts and provides mechanistic insight into multiple sclerosis progression', Scientific Reports, vol. 7,
Chowdhury MK H;Turner N;Bentley NL;Das A;Wu LE;Richani D;Bustamante S;Gilchrist RB;Morris MJ;Shepherd PR;Smith GC, 2017, 'Niclosamide reduces glucagon sensitivity via hepatic PKA inhibition in obese mice: Implications for glucose metabolism improvements in type 2 diabetes', Scientific Reports, vol. 7,
Bajracharya R;Bustamante S;Ballard JW O, 2017, 'Stearic acid supplementation in high protein to carbohydrate (P:C) ratio diet improves physiological and mitochondrial functions of Drosophila melanogaster parkin null mutants.', J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci,
Sheipouri D;Grant R;Bustamante S;Lovejoy D;Guillemin GJ;Braidy N, 2015, 'Characterisation of the kynurenine pathway in skin-derived fibroblasts and keratinocytes', Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, vol. 116, pp. 903 - 922,
Yau YY;Leong RW L;Shin S;Bustamante S;Pickford R;Hejazi L;Campbell B;Wasinger VC, 2014, 'Bimodal plasma metabolomics strategy identifies novel inflammatory metabolites in inflammatory bowel diseases', Discovery Medicine, vol. 18, pp. 113 - 124
Adams S;Teo C;McDonald KL;Zinger A;Bustamante S;Lim CK;Sundaram G;Braidy N;Brew BJ;Guillemin GJ, 2014, 'Involvement of the kynurenine pathway in human glioma pathophysiology.', PLoS One, vol. 9, pp. e112945,
Purves-Tyson TD;Handelsman DJ;Double KL;Owens SJ;Bustamante S;Weickert CS, 2012, 'Testosterone regulation of sex steroid-related mRNAs and dopamine-related mRNAs in adolescent male rat substantia nigra', BMC Neuroscience, vol. 13,
Phillips PA;Yang L;Shulkes A;Vonlaufen A;Poljak A;Bustamante S;Warren A;Xu Z;Guilhaus M;Pirola R;Apte MV;Wilson JS, 2010, 'Pancreatic stellate cells produce acetylcholine and may play a role in pancreatic exocrine secretion', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 107, pp. 17397 - 17402,
Bustamante S;Pickford R;Shin S;Luber R;Campbell B;Redmond D;Yau Y;Leong RW L;Wasinger V, 2010, 'Metabolomics in inflammatory bowel disease', JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY, vol. 25, pp. A83 - A83,
Phillips PA;Yang L;Poljak A;Bustamante S;Shulkes A;Vonlaufen A;Xu Z;Pirola R;Apte M;Wilson J, 2009, 'Pancreatic stellate cells synthesise and secrete acetylcholine: a potential role in enzyme secretion', JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY, vol. 24, pp. A335 - A335,
Phillips PA;Yang L;Poljak A;Bustamante S;Shulkes A;Vonlaufen A;Xu Z;Guilhaus M;Pirola R;Apte M;Wilson J, 2009, 'Pancreatic Stellate Cells Stimulate Acinar Enzyme Secretion Via the Production of Acetylcholine', PANCREAS, vol. 38, pp. 1038 - 1039,
Matayatsuk C;Poljak A;Bustamante S;Smythe GA;Kalpravidh RW;Sirankapracha P;Fucharoen S;Wilairat P, 2007, 'Quantitative determination of ortho- and meta-tyrosine as biomarkers of protein oxidative damage in β-thalassemia', Redox Report, vol. 12, pp. 219 - 228,
Clark CJ;Mackay GM;Smythe GA;Bustamante S;Stone TW;Phillips RS, 2005, 'Prolonged survival of a murine model of cerebral malaria by kynurenine pathway inhibition', Infection and Immunity, vol. 73, pp. 5249 - 5251,
Smythe G;Poljak A;Bustamante S;Braga O;Maxwell A;Grant R;Perminder S, 2003, 'GC-MS analysis of picolinic and quinolinic acids and their amides in human plasma, CSF, and brain tissue', Developments in Tryptophan and Serotonin Metabolism, vol. 527, pp. 705 - 712
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