ICP Laboratory

icp lab

ICP Laboratory Capabilities

Our ICP laboratory houses state-of-the-art ICP instrumentation for trace elemental analysis, and also holds a range of other instruments for high-throughput, high sensitivity analysis of cations, anions and waterborne organic species.

The ICP Laboratory provides a range of services in trace elemental and anion analysis. The laboratory is the contact for our FASTCHEM service, providing analytical services to clients in the horticultural industry, and we have been certified with the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council Inc. (ASPAC).


  • 2 x ICP-OES (PerkinElmer Optima, PerkinElmer Avio).
  • ICP-MS for solution samples (PerkinElmer Nexion).
  • 213 nm Laser Ablation ICP-MS for solids (PerkinElmer Nexion).
  • 2 x Anion chromatography systems (Dionex, Metrohm).
  • Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and nitrogen (Analytic Jena Multi NC).
  • 2 x Liquid chromatography for organic carbon and nitrogen detection (LC-OCD, DOC-LABOR).
  • Sample preparation: hot block, nitric and hydrochloric acid distillation unit, microwave digesters, ball mill, centrifuge.
Technique Contact for Service or Training


Laser ablation ICP-MS

Rabeya Akter 

tel. 02 9385 4680 

Anion chromatography


Khorshed Chinu

tel. 02 9385 5643

Maria Veronica Chandra-Hioe