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ICP Laboratory Capabilities

Our ICP laboratory houses state-of-the-art ICP instrumentation for trace elemental analysis, and also holds a range of other instruments for high-throughput, high sensitivity analysis of cations, anions and waterborne organic species.

The ICP Laboratory provides a range of services in trace elemental and anion analysis. The laboratory is the contact for our FASTCHEM service, providing analytical services to clients in the horticultural industry, and we have a current certification with the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council Inc. (ASPAC).

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  • 2 x ICP-OES (Optima7000 and Avio from PerkinElmer, USA).
  • Multiquad ICP-MS for solution samples (Nexion5000 from PerkinElmer, USA).
  • Anion chromatography system (Dionex ion chromatograph from ThermoFisher, USA).
  • Discrete analyser for aqueous nitrate, nitrite and ammonia (AQ400 from Seal Analytical, USA).
  • Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and nitrogen (Multi NC from Analytic Jena, Germany).
  • 2 x Liquid chromatography for organic carbon and nitrogen detection (LC-OCD from DOC-LABOR, Germany).
  • Sample preparation: hot block, nitric and hydrochloric acid distillation unit, microwave digesters, auto-diluter, ball mill, centrifuge.
Technique Contact for Service or Training


Rabeya Akter

Anion chromatography


Khorshed Chinu

Russul Mamdooh