Biospecimen Services can support the whole lifecycle of biospecimens used for your research project. We can assist with meeting ethics and governance requirements and are able to provide project planning and specimen collection setup, processing, storage and secure data management. We can also arrange for specimen distribution - local, national and international.

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For advice on cold storage infrastructure or help with third party wireless monitoring of temperature please contact Cold Storage Services
The Health Precincts Biobank (formerly the Health Science Alliance (HSA) Biobank) hosts an active collection of biospecimens and associated data available for use in HREC-approved studies.  For more information click on the image below.


Biospecimen Services offer two broad categories of services to researchers requiring biospecimens:

  • for researchers seeking help in setting up and/or managing their own collections
  • for researchers looking to access “ready to go”, annotated biospecimen cohorts from the Health Precincts Biobank.

If you are unsure which category applies to your situation, you can refer to the decision making diagram, read through the service offerings in each category, and contact Biospecimen Services to discuss your situation. Data-only project requests can be accommodated in both categories.


Biospecimen Services


Planning Biospec-planning

  • Assistance with ethics and governance requirements
  • Development of tailored biospecimen collection protocols
  • Grant application assistance service for researchers wanting to include the costs of biospecimens and associated data.
    We can provide the following for inclusion in your application:
    • a quote for specimen access and storage
    • a description of Biospecimen Services and benefits
    • Please complete our Research Grant Cost Estimate Form and we
      will respond to your request within five working days.


Specimen Collection & ProcessingBiospec-collection

  • Specimen Reception 
  • Standardised biospecimen processing
  • Sample types include:
    • DNA/RNA,
    • FFPE tissue,
    • fresh/frozen tissue,
    • plasma,
    • serum



Data Management Biospec_data managment

  • Access to distinct data sources
    • demographics
    • hospital data
    • linkage to commonwealth datasets
  • Secure Database 



Secure Sample StorageBiospec-secure sample storage

  • Storage of samples in secure, temperature controlled environments with 24/7 monitoring
    • Ambient (18oC to 25oC)
    • Ultra-low temperature (ULT) Freezers (-80oC to -95oC)
    • Vapour Phase Liquid Nitrogen tanks (-135oC to -196oC)



DistributionBiospec - distribution

  • Biospecimen retrieval, packaging and shipping with cold chain logistics ensuring sample integrity
  • 48-hour dispatch




Disposal Biospec_disposal

Compliant specimen destruction service if required at conclusion of the project


We use a cost recovery schedule that accurately reflects the costs associated with specimen collection, processing, costs of consumables, and storage. You will be advised of these charges on a case by case basis.