Inveon MicroPET-CT


The Inveon μCT uses multiple axial x-rays of the animal to generate cross-sectional information or 3-dimensional reconstructions of the animal or parts of the animal. The Inveon system has a variable focus X-ray source, which provides resolution of up to 15 μm (sufficient for trabecular bone analysis on mice) and a 125 mm detector (2048 x 3096 pixels) capable of scanning an entire mouse in a single scan. Multiple bed positioning allows for larger animals (rats) to be imaged. Cardiac and respiratory gating is possible using the physiological monitoring and triggering system and animal anaesthesia is maintained with the integrated isoflurane anaesthesia system. Applications include high-resolution assessment of skeletal integrity as well as assessment of soft tissues with the use of contrast agents. The system can also be used for angiography using a blood-pool contrast agent.

The Inveon μPET uses an LSO detector for fast scintillation decay time, high light output and effective atomic number. The detector technology further enhances the efficiency of light delivery to the PMT and the crystal assembly has reduced gaps between the elements, thus providing great spatial resolution and sensitivity. 18-FDG uptake by tumour cells in cancer models will be the major area of study.

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