X-Rad 320

Precision X-ray X-Rad 320 Biological Irradiator

The X-Rad 320 is a self contained biological irradiator for in vivo and in vitro applications. The x-ray tube produces a highly homogenous beam with a maximum power output of 320kV for fast and accurate dosage. It is a fully shielded system ensuring user safety during operation and is calibrated for a maximum sample diameter of 23cm. The system has an easy to use touch screen interface with saveable programs for ease of repeatability. BRIL has a restraining device available for whole body irradiation of up to 11 mice at one time. The doses can also be adjusted for therapeutic evaluation with commercial or custom designed lead shielded restraints.

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Dr Tzong Tyng Hung

Position: National imaging facilitation fellow
Category: Academic Staff