Access Charges


Internal and Academic Charges

Instrument Charges in AU$/ hour as of 1st January 2023 (these rates apply to all Australian Universities with UNSW research collaboration. Please enquire for rates for Australian Universities without research collaboration).


Instruments Hourly Charges for UNSW Users
Gyro 300 MHz
Rabi 400 MHz
Gauss (Prodigy) 400 MHz
Weber 400 MHz
Hertz 500 MHz
Tesla 600 MHz
Ernst 600 MHz
Bloch 300 MHz Solid State
Vega 400 MHz Solid State
Felix 700 MHz Solid State
Bohr EPR
Monthly Users fee




Commercial Charges

Users of the Facility are actively encouraged to perform their own experiments, even on the higher field instruments after training with Facility staff.

A full sample service of data acquisition and interpretation is available to UNSW researchers and external clients on a fee paying basis. Please fill in a  Job Request Form for sample service.

For postal deliveries of sample/s send to:

Lower Campus Store
GQ13, E8 SEB. Building
Via Gate 2 High Street
University of NSW
Kensington NSW 2052

For in person deliveries of sample/s send to:

NMR Facility
UNSW Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre
Basement Level, Room B41
Chemical Sciences Bldg F10
Kensington NSW 2052
University of NSW

As well as excellent instrumentation, the Facility staff have extensive background in diverse applications of NMR spectroscopy and are available for consultation.

Contact or call us on +61 (2) 9385 4705 to discuss your particular needs and for further information.