Dr Aditya Rawal

Research Scientist

Facility: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
Category: Academic Staff
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B.E. (Polymer Engineering) University of Pune Maharashtra, India
M.B.A.: (Systems) University of Pune Maharashtra, India
Ph.D. (Chemistry) Iowa State University Iowa, USA

My Ph.D work was focused on the characterization of phosphate based synthetic and biological nanocomposite materials. I applied solid-state NMR methodology to investigate the structure at the interfaces of nanoscale heterogeneities and relate it to observed macroscopic properties


Promote the application of advanced solid–state NMR spectroscopy. To educate researchers in the abilities of NMR in answering specific questions regarding molecular interactions and structure. Develop and tailor NMR experiments to elucidate structural information in diverse set of organic, inorganic and hybrid materials. Assist and train students and researchers in the implementation and interpretation of NMR spectroscopic data


I use NMR spectroscopy as a tool to investigate fundamental questions of nanoscale structure, molecular interactions and dynamics which are relevant to material scientists. My post-doctoral research at University of California Santa Barbara and at the Ames Laboratory have focused on elucidating the structures of a diverse set of materials such as hydraulic cements, photovoltaic materials, and biomimetic materials. The NMR techniques used provide the necessary sensitivity and selectivity to investigate complex and often disordered materials, which are not otherwise amenable to XRD or EM or IR analysis.

Professional Organisations

Member of the American Chemical Society

Australia NewZealand Magnetic Resonance Society



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