Introduction to R (Workshop 24 Sept)

Posted 5 July 2018

Facility: Stats Central

24 September, 2018

R is widely used and extremely powerful statistical software. This course assumes that you have never used R before. You will learn how to obtain and install R, which is open-source software, and RStudio, which is a versatile, user-friendly interface for using R.
It is very useful to do this course before our introductory statistics course, Introductory Statistics for Researchers (see above).
This one-day introduction to R will cover some basic features of R and lay the groundwork for you to improve your R skills independently. The course is self-paced and focussed on developing practical skills.

Course Outline

We will cover:
  • calculations in R - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation (raising something to a power)
  • variables - how to store values so you can easily reuse them
  • types of data - different types of data structures and how to store them (e.g. numbers, text and Boolean (TRUE or FALSE) values)
  • organising R code and data so you can easily reuse them at a later date (script files and working directories)
  • efficient ways to create patterns of numbers
  • logical operators useful for manipulating data (e.g. <, >, etc.)
  • handling "spreadsheets" in R (matrices and data frames)
  • adding comments to your code so people you share code with can easily follow it
  • using inbuilt R Help files and other help resources
Duration: 1 day, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm 
Location: USNW Business School (E12) Level 1 Room 119
Bring your own laptop computer.
UNSW students: $100
UNSW staff: $200
External: $500