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What can Data Science do for you? - Stats Central Seminar 12 March 2019


Ever wonder how investment companies improve investment returns? What tools manufacturers use to improve their productivity? How e-commerce companies can increase their revenue?

Stats Central Seminar - 2019 in Graphs, November 14


2019 in Graphs

As we come towards the end of 2019, we will look back on the year that was – politics, trade wars, climate change and S25 – through the lens of data visualisation!

Stats Central Launch


The UNSW statistical consulting unit, Stats Central, is now open for business!  The guest speaker at our official launch 15th June Wednesday evening is Prof Ian Jacobs, President and Vice-C

Eureka Prize Finalists

UNSW Eureka Prize finalists celebrate a wealth of research and leadership

Australian Society for Molecular Imaging (ASMI) Symposium

This is the third in the series of annual scientific symposia hosted by the Australian Society for Molecular Imaging.