What do the Milky way, ‘space grease’ and NMR have in common?

Our very own Aditya Rawal has been involved in a study involving School of Physics, ARC Centre of Excellence in Excitation Science, and NMR facility MWAC at UNSW, and Ege University in Turkey. Researchers have sought to better estimate how much organic matter is in space.  The research has gotten a bit of press in CNN, ABC, and USA today.


“A team of eight scientists recreated and analyzed material similar to interstellar dust, and used it to estimated how many grease-like carbon molecules (scientifically known as aliphatic carbon) are in interstellar space, beyond the bounds of our solar system.

The estimated amount of "space grease" in the Milky Way far exceeded expectations: 10 billion trillion trillion tonnes -- or enough to fill 40 trillion trillion trillion packs of butter.”  Taken from CNN report.


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