Data Management & Storage

Posted 7 May 2016

Facilities: Electron Microscope Unit, Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility, Solid State & Elemental Analysis Unit, Biomedical Imaging Facility, Biological Resources Imaging Laboratory, Spectroscopy Laboratory, Transgenic Animal Unit, Stats Central

UNSW's Data Archive is available to all researchers including research students.  Details are available at  The Library has recently made enhancements to the Research Data Management Plan (accessed via ResData), making it easier to complete.  Advice on how to complete your RDMP is available from your Faculty Outreach Librarian.

Post-project data archiving is now accessed by a very simple process in ResData, enabling convenient back-up of research data for completed projects.

And if you have very large datasets, requiring specialist support, advice is available.  Start by placing a query with the UNSW IT Help Desk, or contacting your Faculty IT support person.

Grainne Moran

PVC (Research Infrastructure)