BD LSRFortessa™ SORP X-20

The BD LSRFortessa™ SORP X-20 analyzing flow cytometer is equipped with five excitation lasers (ultraviolet 355nm, violet 405nm, blue 488nm, yellow/green 561nm and red 642nm) and is able to detect up to 20 parameters (18 fluorescence channels plus forward scatter and side scatter). This cytometer’s configuration has been designed to mirror that of our BD Influx (excluding small particle detection), enabling users to easily transfer or work-up experiments.

Acquisition software is BD FACSDiva™ 7, generating standard FCS3.0 files for third party software analysis packages.

Contact People

Mr Chris Brownlee

Position: Flow Cytometry Scientist
Laboratory: Flow
Dr Emma Johansson Beves

Position: Flow Cytometry Technical Officer
Laboratory: Flow