Technique 1.

Acquisition and Analysis Flow Cytometry

Multiparametric Flow Cytometry acquisition and analysis is undertaken on Flow Cytometry analysers including BD LSRFortessa™ SORP, BD FACSCanto™ II and BD FACS Verse™.

Features of this technique include;

Rapid and multiparametric analysis of particles through a fluid stream for research purposes.

Acquisition speeds of up to 20,000 events per second with fluorescent parameters ranging from 355nm - 642nm.

Sample uptake options include 96 well plate loading on HTS (High Throughput Sampling - LSRFortessa SORP only) or 5ml polystyrene tubes.

Analysis of up to 18 colours, 21 parameters is usually done via FlowJo (VX dongle available for borrowing via the facility).

Small Particle analysis (>200nm)

Technique 2.

Cell Sorting Flow Cytometry

Cell sorting is the physical isolation of particles from a polydisperse sample via charged droplet formation. Instruments enabling cell sorting include BD Influx™, BD FACSAria™ IIu and BD FACS™Jazz. 

Features of this technique include;

High purification of poly disperse samples (99% purity).

Enrichment of low percentage positive population.

Rare event single cell sorting into 384 and 96 well plates for downstream applications including transcriptomics or cloning.

Sterile purification of cell lines for further invitro studies.

Index sorting.

Small particle sorting >100nm

Technique 3.

Nanoparticle Analysis using Dynamic Light Scatter and Zetapotential using Malvern Zetasizer ZS™