Dr Carl Andrew Power

Dr Carl Andrew Power - Head of BRIL

Head, Preclinical Imaging and Biospecimen Research Facilities; Program Lead – Health Research Platforms; National Imaging Facility Node Director

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Dr Carl Power heads multiple facilities in the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre including the Biological Resources Imaging Laboratory, the UNSW Flow Cytometry Facility, Biospecimen Services and Cold Storage Services. He is also the Program Lead for UNSW Health Research Platforms, and a Node Director for the UNSW Node of the NCRIS-supported project, the Australian National Imaging Facility.

Research Interests:

As Head of BRIL, Dr Power has diverse interests in preclinical imaging techniques including MRI, PET, CT, Optical Imaging and Ultrasound and their application to research. Dr Power's research in the area of cancer biology in general, and specifically prostate cancer biology, is focused on use of animal models to identify mechanisms of prostate cancer metastasis to bone, immune responses to prostate cancer and its bone metastases and preclinical assessment of treatments to prevent bone metastasis.

Broad Research Areas:
Preclinical Imaging, Cancer, Immunology, Cell Biology

Dr Power completed a PhD in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, before immigrating to Australia in 2000. He also holds a MSc in Immunology from the Atlantic Veterinary College and a BSc from the University of Prince Edward Island.

Society Memberships & Professional Activities: Member of the World Molecular Imaging Society

Specific Research Keywords:
Preclinical Imaging, Biospecimens, Biobanking, Flow Cytometry, Prostate Cancer, Bone Metastasis, Immunology,


Book Chapters

Xiao W; Graham PH; Power C; Li Y, 2010, 'Biomarkers for radiosensitivity and radiosensitivity targets in prostate cancer', in Nguyen SD (ed.), Tumour Suppressors, Nova Science Publishers, USA, pp. 189 - 228

Conference Abstracts

Fazekas de St Groth B; Seddiki N; Tan S; Higgins C; Power C; Santner-Nanan B; Nanan R; Sasson S; Zaunders J; Kelleher A; Landay A, 2005, 'Regulatory T cells and the maintenance of tolerance', in TISSUE ANTIGENS, BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, Vol. 66, pp. 412 - 412, presented at 35th Annual SCientific Meeting of the Australasian-Society-for-Immunology/14th International HLA and Immunogenetics Workshops, AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, 29 November 2005 - 02 December 2005, https://www.webofscience.com/api/gateway?GWVersion=2&SrcApp=PARTNER_APP&SrcAuth=LinksAMR&KeyUT=WOS:000233542700194&DestLinkType=FullRecord&DestApp=ALL_WOS&UsrCustomerID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a29b250adbe88d1
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Conference Papers

Mattner F; Hung T-T; Bourdier T; Lee B; Henderson D; Poon J; Doan J; Power C; Katsifis A; Fulham M, 2015, 'Evaluation of F-18-TSPO radiotracers in a prostate tumour model using PET', in JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE, SOC NUCLEAR MEDICINE INC, MD, Baltimore, presented at Annual Meeting of the Society-of-Nuclear-Medicine-and-Molecular-Imaging, MD, Baltimore, 06 June 2015 - 10 June 2015, https://www.webofscience.com/api/gateway?GWVersion=2&SrcApp=PARTNER_APP&SrcAuth=LinksAMR&KeyUT=WOS:000358738801206&DestLinkType=FullRecord&DestApp=ALL_WOS&UsrCustomerID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a29b250adbe88d1
Reilhac A; Nezich R; Price R; Besmer A; Sunn N; Power C; Zahra D; Hamze H; Boisson F; Gregoire M-C, 2014, 'IMAGE-QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF SEVERAL POSITRON EMITTERS FOR PRECLINICAL IMAGING', in INTERNAL MEDICINE JOURNAL, WILEY-BLACKWELL, pp. 33 - 33, https://www.webofscience.com/api/gateway?GWVersion=2&SrcApp=PARTNER_APP&SrcAuth=LinksAMR&KeyUT=WOS:000334282000098&DestLinkType=FullRecord&DestApp=ALL_WOS&UsrCustomerID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a29b250adbe88d1
Hung TT; Russell PJ; Power C, 2010, 'Circulating and tumour-infiltrating CD4+IL-17+ T-cells in mice bearing orthotopic and heterotopic prostate tumours', in Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research, American Association Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA, USA, pp. 1162 - 1162, presented at AACR 101st Annual Meeting, Walter E.Washington Convention Centre, Washington DC, 17 April 2010 - 21 April 2010
Power C; Cho J; Pwint H; Hung TT; Russell PJ, 2009, 'Combined Docetaxel and Zoledronic Acid Treatment for Bone Metastatic Murine Prostate Cancer.', in Cancer & Bone Society, VIIIth International Meeting on Cancer Induced Bone Disease, Online, presented at VIIIth International Meeting on Cancer Induced Bone Disease, Sydney, 25 March 2009 - 26 March 2009
Li Y; Wang JQ; Rizvi SM; Cozzi PJ; Madigan MC; Power C; Russell PJ; Allen BJ, 2006, 'Control of DU 145 and LNCaP-LN3 prostate cancer spheroid growth using 213Bi-labeled multiple targeted alpha radioimmunoconjugates', in Annals of Oncology, Oxford Univ Press, Oxford, England, presented at Symposium on targeted anticancer therapies, Amsterdam, 16 March 2006 - 18 March 2006, http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/annonc/mdl921
Tse B; Russell PJ; Power C, 2005, 'IL-18 expression inhibits growth of RM1 murine prostate carcinomas', in Tissue Antigens, Blackwell Munksgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark, pp. 568 - 568, presented at Genetics and The Immune Response’ Abstracts of the 35th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Society for Immunology and 14th International HLA & Immunogenetics Workshop, http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1399-0039.2005.00523.x
Hung TT; Power C; Russell PJ, 2005, 'Inhibition of tumorigenicity of invasive human bladder cancer cells by a non-tumorigenic subline from the same xenograft: Identification of differentially expressed genes.', in Cancer epidemiology biomarkers and prevention, American Association Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA, USA, pp. 2742S - 2743S, presented at 4th Annual Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research, Washington, 30 October 2005 - 02 November 2005, http://gateway.webofknowledge.com/gateway/Gateway.cgi?GWVersion=2&SrcApp=PARTNER_APP&SrcAuth=LinksAMR&KeyUT=WOS:000233351200253&DestLinkType=FullRecord&DestApp=ALL_WOS&UsrCustomerID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a

Conference Presentations

Chandrakanthan V; Kang YC; Knezevic K; Qiao Q; Oliver R; Unnikrishnan A; Huang Y; Walsh W; Lee B; Lee CB; Power C; Beck D; Taoudi S; Pimanda J, 2017, 'DECLINED PRESENTATION MESENCHYMAL STEM CELL-LIKE CELL MEDIATED HEMATOPOIETIC STEM CELL GENERATION FROM NON-HEMOGENIC ENDOTHELIAL CELLS', https://www.webofscience.com/api/gateway?GWVersion=2&SrcApp=PARTNER_APP&SrcAuth=LinksAMR&KeyUT=WOS:000972742900274&DestLinkType=FullRecord&DestApp=ALL_WOS&UsrCustomerID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a29b250adbe88d1

Journal articles

Chen W; Tumanov S; Kong SMY; Cheng D; Michaëlsson E; Bongers A; Power C; Ayer A; Stocker R, 2022, 'Therapeutic inhibition of MPO stabilizes pre-existing high risk atherosclerotic plaque', Redox Biology, 58, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.redox.2022.102532
Chandrakanthan V; Rorimpandey P; Zanini F; Chacon D; Olivier J; Joshi S; Kang YC; Knezevic K; Huang Y; Qiao Q; Oliver RA; Unnikrishnan A; Carter DR; Lee B; Brownlee C; Power C; Brink R; Mendez-Ferrer S; Enikolopov G; Walsh W; Göttgens B; Taoudi S; Beck D; Pimanda JE, 2022, 'Mesoderm-derived PDGFRA+ cells regulate the emergence of hematopoietic stem cells in the dorsal aorta', Nature Cell Biology, 24, pp. 1211 - 1225, http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/s41556-022-00955-3
Mattner F; Katsifis A; Bourdier T; Loc'h C; Berghofer P; Fookes C; Hung TT; Jackson T; Henderson D; Pham T; Lee BJ; Shepherd R; Greguric I; Wyatt N; Le T; Poon J; Power C; Fulham M, 2021, 'Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of [18F]PBR316: a novel PET ligand targeting the translocator protein 18 kDa (TSPO) with low binding sensitivity to human single nucleotide polymorphism rs6971', RSC Medicinal Chemistry, 12, pp. 1207 - 1221, http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/d1md00035g
Quinn CM; Porwal M; Meagher NS; Hettiaratchi A; Power C; Jonnaggadala J; McCullough S; Macmillan S; Tang K; Liauw W; Goldstein D; Zeps N; Crowe PJ; Jonnagaddala J, 2021, 'Moving with the Times: The Health Science Alliance (HSA) Biobank, Pathway to Sustainability', Biomarker Insights, 16, pp. 1 - 10, http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/11772719211005745
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Yeola A; Subramanian S; Oliver RA; Lucas CA; Thoms JAI; Yan F; Olivier J; Chacon D; Tursky ML; Srivastava P; Potas JR; Hung T; Power C; Hardy P; Ma DD; Kilian KA; McCarroll J; Kavallaris M; Hesson LB; Beck D; Curtis DJ; Wong JWH; Hardeman EC; Walsh WR; Mobbs R; Chandrakanthan V; Pimanda JE; Subramanian S, 2021, 'Induction of muscle-regenerative multipotent stem cells from human adipocytes by PDGF-AB and 5-azacytidine', Science Advances, 7, pp. eabd1929, http://dx.doi.org/10.1126/sciadv.abd1929
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Menon J; Hoeppner VH; Judd A; Power CA; Bretscher PA, 2018, 'A hypothesis for the existence of two types of tuberculosis, reflecting two distinct types of immune failure to control the pathogen, based upon prevalence of mycobacterium-specific IgG subclasses', Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, 87, http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/sji.12665
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Power C, 2000, 'Factors that influence T helper cell response to infection', Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases, 13, pp. 209 - 213
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Biological Resources Imaging Lab &
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