Software Installation

Installing TopSpin

The following link will take you to a Bruker website where you can register to download Topspin. The processing only software is available on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux).

Free versions of Topspin 3.6.3 and 4.1.3 are available to download.

Free TopSpin Processing for Academia

Before you start the download process you'll will need to Login on the Bruker website. After your account is activated you can download the software. 

Bruker has a new way to do the licensing, it is called CodeMeter. After the installation of Topspin and upon first using it you will be prompted to obtain a CodeMeter ticket. Once activated the CodeMeter provides the license.

Here is a pdf with the step-by-step instruction for installing Topspin.

If you have questions about installing Topspin send an email to the NMR Facility and we will try to help you though the process.

Please contact Dr Donald Thomas (Manager, NMR Facility ext: 90656115) for further information.

Data Transfer Program 

NMRDATA- Nextcloud is the most reliable way to transfer data.

Login to the AC Lab System:


Select Dashboard:


Then select My Home:


Then select Data:


Then select NMRDATA - M Cloud (M Cloud User Guide is also available to read).

Data M Cloud

Now you will see all the NMR Facility's Instruments. Choose the folder/s (by selecting the Instrument's Name).


Continue down by selecting data/ user/nmr/ (see below).


Right click beside your folder and press download.

This will download a zip file to your computer.