IncuCyte S3

IncuCyte S3

The IncuCyte S3 is a widefield inverted live cell system engineered with long term high throughput imaging in mind. Housed inside a tissue culture incubator, the imaging module maintains the most stable imaging conditions possible ( 37C temperature, humidity and 5% CO2). The system comes with a selection of versatile inserts allowing you to image your cells in a range of vessels. The imaging modes are phase contrast and two fluorescent channels (green and red). The acquisition software comes with automated analysis tools to aid with high throughput analysis, such as object counting, scratch wound closure, and confluence measurements. These metrics can be monitored during the course of imaging and are displayed graphically, allowing easy and quick interpretation of results. Speed of acquisition is dependent upon the number of samples placed in the unit but is suited for intervals in the minutes to hours range.

Microscope body: Inverted
Motorised Stage: Yes
Temp Control: Fully enclosed
CO2: Yes
Software: IncuCyte S3


Common Applications

High-throughput Screening

With a capacity of holding up to 6x 384-well plates the IncyCyte has the potential to screen 2304 wells per experiment.  The software comes bundled with analysis tool to measure proliferation and tube formation which can be displayed as plate maps making it easy to see instantly how these parameters change between different wells/treatments.

Wound Healing Assays

A common method for assessing cell motility is to induce a scratch wound in a confluent monolayer of cultured cells. With a WoundMaker-96 reproducible wounds can be made in 96 well plates and imaged in the IncuCyte. The instrument will automatically measure and report on wound closure.

Proliferation Assays

The environmental stability that comes from being housed in a tissue culture incubator, along with automated analysis software makes the IncuCyte an attractive tool for performing compound screens. The absence of proliferation is a simple marker for screening drugs that are hoped to induce cell death or senescence.


The IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System enables real-time and automated apoptosis assays inside your tissue culture incubator. Two apoptotic pathways assay have been developed to be studied with the Incucyte software module, Caspase-3/7 and Annexin V, and can be studied simultaneously. For more information on reagent and procedure, please go on Incucyte website.


The IncuCyte® live-cell imaging and analysis system enables you to measure cell death based on cell membrane integrity, in real-time, in automated fashion.

Immune cell proliferation

You can monitor proliferation and cell-cell clustering interactions without the need to label, in real time and without removing your cultures from the incubator. The incuCyte® software enables accurate quantification of cell clustering over time using phase contrast images.

Tumor Spheroids

3D spheroid cell culture models are advanced tools to accelerate drug discovery. You can automatically monitor and quantify tumor spheroids information such as growth and health, in real time and inside your tissue culture incubator.


You can follow tube formation/inhibition in real time by acquiring and analyzing images of GFP positive endothelial cells using the integrated Angiogenesis software module. Visualize kinetic plots in microplate views. Export metrics (tube length, tube area, branch points) to calculate EC50/IC50 values. Quantitative Time-course data, measure GFP tube length formation (mm/mm2)

Neurite Dynamics

You can achieve automated, continuous, non-invasive imaging and measurement of neurite outgrowth with 96-/384-well assays. Quantify neurite length and branch points in order to evaluate neural network stability over time – all inside your cell culture incubator.

Neuronal coculture

Study and quantify Neurite length (mm/mm2) of labelled neurons in coculture


Quantify cells that migrate through pores and adhere to the bottom-side of a membrane.

Objective Lenses


Numerical Aperture



Working Distance




Plan Apo



2.82 um/pixel






1.24 um/pixel






0.62 um/pixel








440-480 nm


504-544 nm



565-605 nm


625-705 nm


Phase brightfield







CMOS camera technology


Analysis software modules:

                Essen IncuCyte® S3 Cell-by-Cell Software Module

Essen IncuCyte NeuroTrack™ Software Module

                Essen IncuCyte Angiogenesis Software Module

                Essen IncuCyte Chemotaxis Cell Migration Software Module

                Essen IncuCyte Spheroid Software Module


Exported Image Formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, MetaMorph Multi-Dimensional File v2.0, Meta Imaging Series TIFF (Single / Multi-Plane) v1


Exported Movie Formats: WMV / AVI / MPEG-4


Inserts to fit: 

  • 6 x Multi-well Plates (6-wells, 12-wells, 24-wells, 48-well, 96-wells, 384-wells)
  • 4 x 60 mm petri dishes
  • 6 x 35 mm petri dishes
  • 2 x 100 mm petri dishes
  • 4 x T25cm2 Flasks
  • 2 x T75 cm2 Flasks
  • 4 x 4/8 wells microslide


Vessel compatibility (see incucyte website )