Leica DM IL

Leica DM IL
The Leica DM IL microscope is used to illuminate whole cells; observing and analysing a cell as a single entity. The DM IL is an inverted epifluorescence microscope, with transmitted light LED back illumination and an EL6000 Fluoro system. Fitted with a colour CCD camera this system is also suitable for inspecting samples containing colourometric dyes, such as immunohistochemistry samples.
Microscope body Inverted
Motorised Stage No
Temp. Control No
CO2: No
Software: ProgRes Capture Pro v2.8.8

Common Applications

Immunohistochemistry: Not restricted solely to immunohistochemistry any colorometric stained sample is viewable and recordable on this microscope with its colour CCD camera.
Cell Culture Inspection: As one of our lower resolution microscopes the DM IL tends to be used for quick inspection of cells by eye prior to imaging on other systems. It is free and requires little instruction to use.

Objective Lenses

10x 0.22 HI Plan I AIR 7.8 mm
20x 0.3 HI Plan AIR 4.5 mm
40x 1.25 Plan Apo OIL 0.1mm
63x 1.25 HCX Plan Fluotar OIL 0.19 mm


DAPI for UV illumination, CGFP for blue and violet excitation, GFP for blue excitation, Cy3 for green excitation and Cy5 for red excitation.

Light Sources

Transmitted light LED back illumination and an EL6000 Fluoro system.


ProgRes CFscan CCD camera, which allows for capturing images in true colour and in up to 12.5 mega pixels.