Thermo Scientific CryoStar NX70

Thermo Scientific CryoStar NX70 is a high-performance cryostat designed to prepare tissue

sections of frozen samples in medical and research laboratories. Specimen temperature control range is from -50oC to +10oC and blade temperature control range is from -35oC to -5oC.  Section thickness can be ranged from 0.5 µm to 500 µm. Fresh or fixed frozen specimens, embedded in OCT, are suitable for cryostat sectioning.  Frozen sections could be used for varying staining, such as histology stains, Immunohistochemistry (IFC) and Immunofluorescence (IF) stains.


Material and Equipment

Sample OCT blocks, one used blades, microscope slides and OCT


  • Set up sectioning temperature (-15 to -35oC), Stick sample block on sample chuck.
  • Place a blade on blade holder, place block into the chuck jaws and bring the blade close to the sample.
  • Select a cutting thickness (5µm – 30 µm), orientate the block to the right position and start sectioning.
  • engage the brake, dispose one used blade into sharp bin, clean up working area after the work finished.