Zeiss LSM 780

Zeiss LSM 780
The Zeiss LSM 780 is a high-sensitivity laser scanning confocal microscope. Unlike most standard confocal systems this instrument comes equipped with a GaAsP photodetector. This detector in addition to boasting a quantum efficiency of 45% (in comparison to 25% for standard PMTs), it can also be used as a single-point detector or as a 32-channel detector array facilitating spectral measurements. It can also be switched into a single-photon counting mode providing great signal to noise for such techniques as FCS and RICS. 
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Common Applications


Confocal: Confocal imaging is a fluorescence microscopy technique that optically sections the speciment preventing out of light from reaching the detector. This yields clear high contrast images, and together with the ability to acquire images sequentially at multiple positions the entire sample can be reconstructed in 3D.
Spectral Unmixing: Conventionally, imaging multiple fluorophores i the same sample requires careful selection to ensure crosstalk and/or bleedthrough do not lead to confusion between the signals. This can greatly restrict the number of probes available to you. Spectral unmixing is a technique that uses information about the spectral profile of each fluorophore to mathematically separate the overlapping signals.
Colocalisation: Light microscopy lends itself very well to labelling multiple structures within a sample due to the ability to separate these spatially overlapping signals by the wavelength of light they emit. Colocalisation is the study of how the distribution of one probe relates to that of another within the same sample.




Objective Lenses


10x 0.45 Plan-Apochromat Air 2mm  
20x 0.8 Plan-Apochromat Air 0.5mm  
40x 1.2 C-Apochromat Water 0.28mm  
63x 1.3 Lcl Plan-Neofluar Water or Glycerol 0.17mm  
100x 1.4 Plan-Apochromat Oil 0.17mm  




Light Sources


Lasers Wavelengths
Diode 405-30 405nm
Argon ion 458nm, 488nm, 514nm
DPSS 561-10 561nm
HeNe 633 633nm






Tunnable wavelength selection for all 3 fluorescence/reflective PMTS between 400nm - 750nm.
Widefield (Eyepiece Only)
Name Excitation Dichroic Emission
FSet 38 BP 450 - 490 LP 495 BP 500 - 550
FSet 43 BP 533 - 558 LP 570 BP 570 - 640
FSet 49 365 LP 395 BP 420 - 470




Detector Description
Blue Sensitive PMT Hamamatsu PMT (30% Quantum efficiency @ 450nm) to cover where the photon efficiency of the GaAsP detector drops off towards the blue spectrum.
GaAsP photodetector Gallium arsenide phosphide photodetector. 45% efficiency @ 550nm (25% for conventional PMTs). 32-channel spectral detector. Photon counting mode.
Cooled PMT Cooled Hamamatsu PMT for imaging beyond 700nm