Honours Scholarship

Free Access to BMSF Instruments by UNSW Honours Students

A limited number of scholarships are available to UNSW honours students. These provide honours students with a defined amount of instrument time or instrument training, without an access fee, to assist completion of their project.  In order to allow for enough instrument access and staff time, please ensure all experiments requiring access to BMSF resources are completed three weeks before Thesis submission. The number of instrument hours is 200hr or 100hr for instrument training or where substantially assistance is needed in running the samples. A pro rata rate will be determined where training and self run time is required.

Who is eligible?

Up to 6 UNSW honours students commencing honours in a particular calendar year. Each student must have a different supervisor.

How do Supervisors apply?

Supervisors should apply in writing to the Director of the BMSF and include the project scope, student information and an estimate of the total number of instrument hours required to complete the project. A project registration form and confirmation of online user registration should also be submitted with your application. Please email us for more information.

What are the acceptance criteria?

Suitable projects will be accepted on the basis of the merit of the proposed research. Once 6 projects have been accepted, no more applications will be considered until the following year.

Are there any training or other related costs?

Possibly: Supervisors must pay for BMSF staff time at the rate of $60/hr if more than 100hr of training is required, or $30/hr if the student requires more than 200hr (pro rata) of instrument time to complete the project. This includes instrument and bench training where a BMSF staff member provides instruction, as well as fee-for-service (FFS) analysis of samples. In addition, if samples are to be prepared at the BMSF, consumable costs will be charged back to the supervisor. After students are trained their access to instruments accumulates to the registered honours project. Students will have free access to day-to-day guidance from their trainers if needed.

Are there any booking privileges?

No, supervisors and students must plan the project to be completed steadily in time for preparation of the thesis. The BMSF may not be able to accommodate large individual requests for access towards the end of the honours year.