Thermo MAT 253 IRMS with KIEL

The Thermo Mat 253 isotope ratio mass spectrometer with Kiel IV carbonate preparation device produces carbon and oxygen isotope (δ13C and δ18O) results from CO2.  We can analyse small carbonate and apatite samples (minimum: 30 micrograms).  All samples are analysed using two primary NBS standards and an in-house secondary standard.  Materials that are routinely analysed include, predominantly, palaeoenvironmental sample like speleothem calcite, limestone, marble, dolomitic limestone, sedimentary carbonates, bone apatite, and coral. For further details about the analysis of these or other materials – please contact the BMSF.
Academic and industry users/collaborators include UNSW Sydney, ANSTO, the University of Melbourne and The University of Newcastle. The instrument has supported numerous Honours and PhD research projects.

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Position: Senior Technical Officer

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