Thermo QExactive HF

qe hf

QExactive mass analysers are recognised for their ability to produce ultra-high mass accuracy and resolution measurements in both MS and MS/MS experiments; these performance capabilities allow mass spectrometry results to be interpreted with a significant degree of confidence.

The QE+ is a hybrid instrument that incorporates both quadrupole and Orbitrap mass analysers; both 1D and 2D nano liquid chromatography (LC) separations can be interfaced to this instrument. This platform allows the benefits of Orbitrap mass analysis to be exploited in highly sensitive experiments, as well as the rapid mass selection capabilities of quadrupoles.

Detailed insights into analyte molecule structural characteristics can be obtained via tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) experiments. Analyses are frequently performed upon complex peptide mixtures generated via the enzymatic or chemical hydrolysis of proteins, allowing confident protein identifications to be readily made at attomol levels. Quantitative analyses are possible via, for example, the isobaric labelling of peptides and label-free analysis.

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