D8 (Bruker) Thin-Film XRD with 5kW Rotating Anode

The D8 is a flexible instrument with a rotating copper anode X-ray source (5-6 kW) that enables a higher X-ray flux at your sample than is possible with the sealed X-ray sources on the other instruments. It uses a centric Eulerian cradle that integrates Chi and Phi rotations, and X-Y-Z translations. The instrument can be set up with a 1-dimensional compound silicon strip detector (the "Lynx-Eye") for ultra fast X-ray diffraction measurements, as well as a large area detector (the "VÅNTEC-500" with 13.5 cm diameter) for 2D XRD experiments including RSM and diffraction mapping. The instrument can be operated with an Anton Paar DCS 350 Wide Range Chamber enabling measurements under vacuum between -100°C up to +350°C. Contact Dr Yu Wang to discuss access to this instrument.