MPD (PANalytical) Xpert Multipurpose X-ray Diffraction System

The MPD is a Bragg-Brentano geometry X-ray diffractometer suitable for routine measurement of powder samples, either phase identification or quantitative analysis. The instrument is equipped with the following components:

  • Horizontal sample stage so it is possible to test gels or liquid samples. 
  • Incident beam path - Programmable divergence slit, which can be configured as a fixed slit or an variable slit, masks.
  • Diffracted beam path - Programmable anti-scattering slit and receiving slit, curved monochromator and proportional detector.
  • Automatic multi-sample changer (15 samples) can increase productivity and a sample spinner is to eliminate the preferred orientation.

The following sample holders are available:

  • Large sample holder has a 25 mm diameter and 5 mm depth.
  • Standard sample holder has a diameter of 30mm and depth of 2.5mm, and this is recommended for most experiments.
  • If you have a limited quantity of sample then a smaller sample holder is available which is 15mm in diameter with a depth of 1mm. The smaller sample holder requires a quarter of the volume of a normal sample.