XRD Experiments Using Variable Temperature or Controlled Atmosphere

The diffraction instruments have a range of accessories for dynamic monitoring of phase changes from 10-1800 Kelvin, in certain cases using a controlled atmosphere.

Bruker D8 with rotating anode copper source:

  • Anton Paar DHS 1100 Domed heating stage for room temperature up to 1100 °C in an inert or air atmosphere, or under vacuum conditions
  • Anton Paar DCS 350 Wide Range Chamber for -100°C up to 350°C
Panalytical Empyrean 1:
  • Oxford Cryosystems Phenix from 12K to room temperature
  • Anton Paar XRK 900 heater, reactor chamber for diffraction of solid state and solid state-gas reactions up to 900 °C
Panalytical MPD: 
  • Anton Paar HTK 2000 high-temperature from room temperature to 2000 °C under vacuum
Contact Dr Yu Wang (Tel - 02 9385 4669, Office M68 - access via Lab G65) for details. 


Bruker single crystal X-ray diffractometer

  • Oxford cryostream from 77K to 500K

Contact Dr Mohan Bhadbhade (Tel - 02 9385 9898, Office M68 - access via Lab G65) for details.