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Grant development and review

If you are planning to apply to a competitive funding agency for funding for a research project, we are happy to assist you in developing your design and analysis plan and writing it into the grant proposal, and will not charge for this.


Problems with study design or its communication are a leading reason for a grant being unsuccessful, with some studies suggesting this is even more important than track record. Involving an expert statistician in the grant writing process, from its early stages, can significantly improve the likelihood of grant success.


When thinking about your budget, consider writing statistical support from Stats Central into your grant, so that if your application is successful, you have continued support from us for the duration of the project in a collaborative role. Explicitly writing statistical support into your application can strengthen it. For advice on how to write Stats Support into grants click hereResources with respect to the statistical component of your graph can be found on our Resources page.
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Consultations – free design advice
Stats Central offers UNSW staff free advice on study design, whether your study is experimental, observational or survey-based. It is much more fruitful to work with us from the beginning!
We can also provide assistance at all other stages of the project for a fee, if necessary, after an initial meeting to gauge the scope. When charging for services we use Academic Casual rate 5a (“Clinical”)
To arrange an appointment with one of our consultants, please complete the request form here.