Thermo Focus DSQ

Focus DSQ

The Thermo DSQ II GC-MS instruments are our most up-to-date instruments for analysis of compounds that are sufficiently volatile to enter the gas phase intact. The Focus DSQ II GC-MS instrument at our Lower Campus mass spectrometry facility is configured as an electron impact (EI+) only system and is dedicated to analysis of gaseous environmental samples and for trace level analysis of underivatised volatile organic molecules in solution.

The system is equipped with a spilt/splitless heated GC inlet and a Triplus autosampler that can either inject samples dissolved at trace levels in organic solvents or sample the gaseous headspace above aqueous solutions. The system can be used to identify unknown components, acquiring full scan EI+ spectra for comparison with library mass spectra, or operated in selected ion monitoring (SIM) mode for the quantification of target (known) analytes at very low levels.

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Dr Martin Paul Bucknall

Position: Principal Scientist (Small Molecule Analysis)

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Mr Lewis Adler

Position: Senior Technical Officer

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