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Protein structure

Welcome to the Structural Biology Facility


Currently the SBF is lead by Dr Katharine Michie, a structural biologist who is both licenced and trained to run the Bruker D8 Venture X-ray diffractometer and robotics. Dr Michie can advise you on how best to proceed with your project. The facility also has a specialist molecular computing scientist: Dr Keiran Rowell who can assist with molecular computing. 

Contact us directly by email to arrange a First User meeting to see how we can help you.

Contact us:

Phone: +61 (2) 9385 4587



SBF Scientific Advisory Panel

The panel advises on the scientific direction and approach of the SBF and has input into the purchase decisions of the instrumentation of the SBF. If there is an instrument or capability you think UNSW needs please contact any of the panel members to see if we can make it happen.

The current members of this panel are:

Dr David Jacques (Single Molecule Science, School of Medicine)

Prof Paul Curmi (School of Physics)

Dr Donald Thomas (MWAC)

Dr Kate Michie (BABS)


Where to find us:

Our facility works out of Office 320D, on the western side of Level 3 in the D26 Biosciences North Building.

To visit, please contact Kate in advance to gain access to the office area at a suitable time.


Structural Biology X-ray Facility

Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre

Office 320D, Level 3 West, 

Biosciences North D26

University of New South Wales

Sydney, NSW 2033 



How it works:

Our Facility houses a number of specialized instruments for Structural Biology. These instruments can be used by trained and inducted students, staff and visitors as a part of each individual user agreement to be arranged with by the Facility manager. There are modest fees associated with instrument access which cover the consumable costs and maintenance for the instruments.

Users are able to use one or all the parts/instruments of the facility after being inducted and trained. Access to each instrument is then obtained via an online-booking system (ACLS).

We are also able to collaborate with research groups to further interpret structural biology data if help is required.

We ask the users who publish data acquired from instruments within the Facility acknowledge the Facility in publications, and also advise us of publications that mention the Facility.

How to get started:

The first place to start is to contact the SBF to arrange a meeting (see contact addresses for email and phone above)

At this "First User meeting" we will give you a tour of the Facility and discuss your needs. This meeting is free and comes with no obligations.

If our facility can be of use, user inductions and access can be arranged from here.