SBF Fees

All users are charged fees for access to SBF instruments and for the consumables they use.

External academic and industrial users are also charged training/inductions fees. 

The X-ray crystallography robotics are accessed by hourly rates or by an annual subscription.  

Rates are reviewed biannually and posted here.  

Invoices are generated through the ACLS system and invoices are sent by email. Billing intervals are every 2 months.

Fees are determined based on the primary institution of the user's Principal Investigator/Supervisor.  

Rates vary for UNSW academic use, general academic use and industry use. Please contact the SBF for information about using our facility if you are an external academic or industrial user.

Access Fees

  • Access fees are billed hourly or by subscription depending on the instrument.  
  • Rates are billed by booked time and by real-time usage in excess of booked time.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance by email to avoid booking fees. Please email with Cancellation in the subject to advise of a booking cancellation.

X-ray crystallography Fees

  • X-ray robotics can be accessed by an hourly rate, or by a  annual subscription fee for accessing the whole suite of X-ray crystallography robotics and is charged per user. (Group rates are also available, please enquire). Users are then charged for the number of crystallography plates they use.
  • Training on each individual instrument is carried out on an 'as needed' basis and may occur individually or in small groups (1-3 people), as scheduling allows. Users are only permitted to use robots they have been trained on.
  • All training sessions include:
    • Overview of the instrument and maintenance procedures
    • Review of experimental design

Current SBF 2023 UNSW Academic Rates

  • Users from labs with a primary appointment at UNSW are charged the base academic rates.  
  • Users are in this group if:
    • UNSW administers the laboratory's grants  AND
    • the lab has a project code for internal billing
  • Users from universities that are part of the LIEF grant that funded in part the X-ray robotics and diffractometer are entitled to the same rates for this instrumentation as UNSW users (ie $1000 per user subscription per year, or the relevant hourly rate and training fee).  

UNSW Internal SBF Rates 2023

(note there will be a 10-20% price increase starting Jan 2024. This is the first time rates have increased since SBF was established)

Instrument Access Fees
DSF: NanoTemper Prometheus NT.48

$10/hr. Instrument booking restricted to 3 hrs. Longer experiments can be run at a reduced fee after consultation with the SBF.


Refeyn MP2 Mass Photometer $10/hr
CD:Chirascan $30/hr (first 3 hrs), $20/hr thereafter per booking.
Constant Systems Cell Disruptor $10/hr
X-ray crystallography Robotics Suite  

Subscription including Formulatrix Rock Imager and NT8,Hamilton Starlet and Art Robbins Phoenix, Bruker D8 Venture

$1000 per user/Annual Fee for subscription
Bruker D8 Venture $10/hr
Formulatrix NT8 $60/hr
Hamilton Starlet $60/hr
Art Robbins Crystal Phoenix $60/hr
Mitegen In-situ Crystal Tray + screen $30 each
MRC Crystal Tray +screen $30 each
Basic 3D printed protein Structure $40
160 L liquid nitrogen fill $40
 electro Spray mass spec (BMSF) $30
Computational Structural Biology  
Membership to the SBFs In silco resources including the SBF's GPU computing, Alphafold2, software and training.

$48 per calendar year