Macromolecular X-ray Diffraction

Protein crystal diffraction image

The SBF's core instrument is a Bruker D8 Venture X-ray diffractometer- capable of carrying out single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis of macromolecular crystals.

The X-ray diffraction unit also has a number of microscopes and tools for the manipulation of crystals, as well as cryogenic facilities for low temperature analysis and storage of protein crystals.

The facility also has two dry-shippers and two sets of Australian Synchrotron Sample pucks for sample shipping of frozen crystals to either MX1 or MX2 macromolecular beamlines.

UNSW is a member of the Combined Access Program for NSW Universities for the Australian Synchrotron, allowing regular access to the Australian Synchrotron MX beamlines for X-ray analysis of proteins. Please ask Kate for details.