X-ray Diffraction Laboratory


Powder Diffraction facilities and services, please contact Dr Yu Wang (Tel - 02 9385 4669, Office M68 - access via Lab G65). Crystallography queries should be directed to Dr Mohan Bhadbhade (Tel - 02 9385 9898, Office M67 - access via Lab G65). See "Related files" to the right of this page for crystallography sample submission.

We purchase a UNSW-wide licence for access to the Cambridge Structural Database available to any UNSW researcher. Please contact Dr Christopher Marjo for licence details to upgrade your CSD software.  

Access Procedures:

The X-ray diffraction laboratory (room G65, South wing, Chemical science building (F10), Kensington campus, UNSW) is a restricted area due to the requirements of radiation safety. Only qualified students/staff can access the laboratory. Visitors must be accompanied by a qualified member of staff.

Students, staff or other researchers who want to use the X-ray diffraction facilities, must first attend the training of radiation safety and specific operating procedures for one of the XRD units. They should obtain a copy of the Radiation Safety Guidelines and User Policy during the training (see "Related files" to the right of this page).

After training, the users must:

  • Sign the Safety Declaration Form, the Registration Form, and complete the Risk Assessment (see "Related files" to the right of this page)
  • Submit the forms to the Radiation Safety Officer of the laboratory.
  • Once registered, the users will receive a confirmation email, and be granted a permission to access the XRD lab (G65) and Chemical science building (F10), using their student/staff card.

The X-ray Diffraction Laboratory opens 24 hour per day and 7 days per week. There are special safety requirements for working after normal hours (6:00 pm to 8:00 am), which has been circulated in Policy for Working After Normal Hours (see "Related files" to the right of this page). Undergraduate students and users who have operating experience less than 20 hours are not allowed to work after normal hours. Only experienced users can access the laboratory after hours.

Booking and Use of An Instrument:

Trained users can access the booking system of the XRD laboratory online. In the system users can view time available for a particular instrument and book for a selected time slot. There are a few rules to ensure efficient and fair use of the facilities.

  • The maximum booking session for a single user is one day. The user must make the next day free for other users. The exception may be considered when the XRD test requires particular component setting and multi-scans, such as reciprocal space mapping, rocking curve or texture/stresses scans.
  • If a user cannot use his/her XRD session for any reason, he/she must cancel the session before it commences. Otherwise, a charge will be made for the time wasted on the XRD unit.
  • If a user has booked time on an XRD unit but does not turn up within 20 minutes of the commencement of his/her session, other potential users may use the XRD for the equivalent time booked by this user.